Slurry Transport

We are the

Composite Fluid Transfer (CFT) was established to pursue a solution for slurry transport.

Our goal is to penetrate existing markets with a superior alternative to both the leak free fluid, slurry transfer systems and the conventional permanent water transfer installations. CFT can customize our products to meet your fluid transfer requirements.

The initial goal of CFT was to create the largest inside diameter pipe with a working pressure rating of 250 psi while keeping the weight low. We’ve far surpassed that now with ratings of 350 psi to 1500 psi.

The result, Fiberflex. FiberFlex is a cost-effective, patented, lighter weight pressure pipe. Our pipe can be installed with common fusion equipment at roughly half the installation time.

Composite Fluid Transfer works with Slurry Transport

FiberFlex Benefits of Design

  • Increased working pressure vs. HDPE pipe
  • Increased install speed vs. welding steel or DR 7-15 HDPE
  • Reduction in pipe cost vs. steel and HDPE pipe
  • Reduced transportation cost
  • Reduction in weight leads to an easier installation
Heating the pipe during Composite Fluid Transfer's patented process

Number of Composite Wraps Vs. Burst Pressure

Fiber Flex PSI by number of wraps chart
Test sample was wraped in Kilgore, TX with standard glass composite tape using a host pipe of 12" DIPS DR 17 HDPE pipe.

Thermoplastic Tape Wrapped Pipe

  • Flexibility can be maintained with low layers of tape wrapping
  • Thinner walls of extruded pipe to reach equal pressure to HDPE pipe
  • Slow Crack propagation properties of HDPE are maintained
  • Lowest cost alternative for pressure pipe applications

FiberFlex Value Proposition


  • Sustainable alternative; doing more with less (less materials, reduced weight and decreased install time )
  • Lower cost to manufacture
  • Freight Savings
  • Reduced Installation costs
  • Lower overall cost of ownership
  • No other large diameter composite thermoplastic pipes in the market
  • Patent protected


  • Corrosion resistance
  • Pressure rated
  • Durable materials for harsh environments
  • Simplicity of choosing the right pipe product for the application, made from the right combination of fiber and thermoplastic resins for the job

FiberFlex-12 Cost Comparison

Fiber Flex 12 Vs DR 7 HDPE cost comparison chart
Cost comparison of FiberFlex-12 vs. 16" DR 7 HDPE Pipe with increasing resin Cost

FiberFlex is a cost-effective, patented, lighter weight pressure pipe.